rejuvenate your skin with light therapy

Dr. Müller Light Therapy Devices

Ageing presents various changes, suchlike wrinkles, age spots, and loss of elasticity. Moreover, both time and environmental influences also impact the skin’s maturation process.

But looking your age is not, thanks to the Dr. Müller light therapy devices. The Dr. Müller product range includes machines that emit red, green, and blue light. They boost collagen and elastin production, enliven, smooth, and brighten the skin. Leading to a forever young rejuvenation.


Collagenic Machines

The Dr. Müller Omega is the most comprehensive device in the Collagenic product range. With 18 Collagenic Light lamps of 120 Watt in the base and 22 Collagenic Light of 180 Watt in the top, the Omega is an extraordinary and spacious rejuvenation machine.

Beauty Light Therapy devices

A session in the Dr. Müller Beauty Light Therapy 48 device provides a unique combination of three beneficial light sources – Collagenic Light, Bright Skin Light and Blue Skin Light – for rejuvenating, smoothing and detoxifying your skin. Experience a unique way of improving your health, skin and overall appearance

Dr. Muller Beauty Light Therapy 48

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Red Light Therapy is a technology that has both cosmetic and healing properties. Your body goes through a natural process where it repairs itself. That is exactly what happens when the body is exposed to red light or Collagen wavelengths.


Our advice is to complete the starter program of 3 sessions per week for 10 to 12 consecutive weeks. After the starter program, a minimum of 1 session per week is necessary to maintain the results.


You might feel the skin around your face become more tight and soft.

Collashower 64

Collagenic Light Against Influenza

Collagenic Light therapy increases the nitric oxide – a compound that heals the cells and increases blood flow. The increase in nitric oxide improves and strengthens your immune system to defend against disease. Moreover, it regulates your blood pressure and reduces inflammation.

benefits blue skin light

The blue light at 415 nanometres helps the skin to reduce its production of sebum and kills bacteria-causing infections. As a result, Blue Skin Light not only help you improve your complexion but also enables you to fight diseases that may lower your immune system.