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Omega vs. Infinity

Omega Vs Infinity:
Which One Is Best For You


One of the most important organs in our body is our skin. It’s the first line of defence against harsh weather and microbes. But besides it being a protector, our skin shows off our beauty and health. So, taking care of it is also important. It has been scientifically proven that red light otherwise known as Collagenic Light improves and maintains the skin’s condition. To harvest the benefits of Collagenic Light, Dr. Müller has created the Collagenic Machines.

The collagenic devices emit red light at 633 nanometres. Collagenic Light at this wavelength not only oxygenates and detoxifies your skin but also rejuvenates it. In addition, scientists all over the world have researched Collagenic Light and how it can improve your mind, body and spirit. Click here to learn more about the benefits of Collagenic Light.

The Dr. Müller Collagenic lay-down beds are comprised out of the Omega and Infinity. Both of these devices emit Collagenic Light, however, they both are different from each other.



The Dr. Müller Infinity is the entrance level lay-down Collagenic Machine, equipped with 32 lamps. The Infinity is the starter model gateway for mind and body improvement. The compact yet beautiful design is ideal for areas with a small square footage.


Dr. Muller Omega

The Dr. Müller Omega is devoted to enhancing the overall well-being through professional red light therapy treatment. During a session, users close their eyes, dream away, listen to wellness sounds, and moisturised by fresh ocean mist. While you enjoy all these features your skin is getting treated with red light for a beautiful and healthier skin at the same time.

The Omega is a light therapy luxury bed, its spacious design ensures great comfort during a session, also suitable for larger users. The powerful turbine BodyCooler system enables you to set the ventilator for optimal comfort. With a touch of a button, a fresh gush of air is blown out of the ventilators to cool your face and body. And with extra options like distilled fine water breezes, fresh aroma fragrance and air conditioning, a luxury light wellness treatment is fulfilled.

which will you choose?

Dr. Muller Omega

The Dr. Müller Collagenic Machines have many benefits for your skin, from rejuvenation to detoxification, these devices are unique and organic that will keep you, Forever Young. Fill in the form below to have one of these light therapy devices at your centre.

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