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    Are you looking for a unique service to make you stand above your competitors? Do you want the best quality light therapy devices, including customer service and technical support that will help you get started?

    By buying our light therapy devices you get the best of both worlds: the extra revenue for your beauty centre, and our technical and marketing expertise to keep business running smoothly.

    Buying a light therapy from Dr. Müller:

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    40+ years experience

    40+ years

    Wellness and Spas

    Stand above the rest by offering your customers an extra service to their beauty treatment. The Dr. Müller light therapy works well with other treatments such as body massage, nail and hair treatment.


    • Perfect to be sold as singular sessions to day visitors
    • Combine it with rejuvenation packages for returning visitors
    • Visible anti-ageing and brightening after program completion
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    Fitness Studios

    After an intense workout, light therapy helps cool down the body. Plus, the machine’s light helps build muscle tissue, thus cutting recovery time. And what’s more exciting, the red light helps with weight loss.



    • Add a new subscription plan to members
    • Attract new customers with a unique wellness session
    • Combine it with weight loss programs

    Beauty Salons

    People visit beauty salons to improve their appearance. The Dr. Müller light therapy devices reduce age and brown spots, cellulitis, acne, and wrinkles



    • Add a holistic and natural service
    • Offer a new service: skin brightening
    • Combine with other rejuvenation treatments
    Collashower 64


    Want to offer your guests a pleasant and comfortable holiday? Scientists have proved that light therapy increases endorphin and serotonin levels. Meaning a light therapy session relieves stress and improves your mood. Light therapy is the perfect method to take care of the body, mind, and soul.



    • Unique wellness package for business guests during long conferences
    • Combine with other wellness programs, like saunas and gyms